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A Celtic mush set in a unique world

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Imagine, if you will, a land of ancient heroes and gods, a land where adventure is never far off, a land where you will meet the exotic, the brave and the wise. Then you have found Haven, the realm of the Celtic gods and land where all your dreams and nightmares can come true.

Central to Haven is Avalon, where the gods reside and the living walk with the dead. It is a place where people from many realms meet where new adventures can be sought, for in its centre resides the Henge.

The Henge, made up of many stone blocks and covered with ancient Ogham writings, has stood for all time. Between each block a portal resides and by simply stepping through you can find yourself in one of many wonderful realms. Lands of adventure, intrigue, learning sex, bondage, riches and much more await. Why not come and visit Haven and discover what secrets it holds as well as what secrets lie within yourself?

Haven is an adult MUSH based loosely on Celtic myth and legend. Its central area Avalon is a place from where you can meet other people and indulge in roleplay or casual conversation. But from the Henge you can go to many different realms and experience a wide wealth of roleplay and adventure. It is both a place for normal roleplay and sexual roleplay, so it is strictly for those over 18 years old as it is very common to come across sex, bondage, slavery and many other adult activities. It also welcomes all orientations, whether straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or anything else. Come visit us and enjoy the many places you can go and people you can talk to or roleplay with.